After Effects training in-class or online
What will I learn if I attend After Effects training?

In this blog, Sam Sturley demonstrates five top effects you’ll learn to create in After Effects on our two-day introductory-level course.

Click on the images to view the effects…

1. Create motion graphics

Create text and objects and then animate them using keyframes. Create cartoons, explainer videos, intros, lower thirds and visual effects.

After Effects intro

After Effects cartoons

After Effects visual effects

2. Apply effects

After Effects has powerful effects to help you create amazing compositions – from stylising effects, to simulations, transitions and time effects, it will take you a while to get through them all!

After Effects snow simulation

After Effects ripple distort

After Effects shutter simulation

3. Animate in 3D

Make any of your layers 3D, extrude text and objects and add cameras and lights to create 3D-looking objects and motion.

After Effects 3D logo - camera

After Effects camera

4. Green-screening and motion-tracking

Use After Effect’s keying tools to apply backgrounds to green-screen videos, and use motion-tracking to track the movement of objects across the screen.

After Effects green screen video

After Effects scene added

After Effects motion tracking

5. Character animation

Use things like the puppet tool, parenting and anchor points to animate your 2D characters.

After Effects character animation

I hope this gives you a taste of the types of effects you’ll be creating after just two days training on our Introduction to After Effects course.

Are there any other effects you’d like to create? Let us know!

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