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What’s new in AutoCAD 2023?

In March 2022, Autodesk released the latest incarnation of its flagship product – AutoCAD 2023.

In this blog, Alain Kodjo explores the new features available in AutoCAD 2023, so you can determine whether they’re likely to be useful to you, and whether you should rush to upgrade to this new version.

Let’s explore the new features available.

Markup Import and Markup Assist

Markup Assist and Markup Import utilise AI technology to pinpoint markups and place them into drawings as AutoCAD objects. This provides an efficient means of viewing and inserting drawing revisions.

Markup Import lets you bring in markups in PDF, PNG or JPG format. The source files don’t have to be perfect – they can poor quality images, and even include handwritten notes. The imported file is overlaid on top of your drawing in the Trace workspace.

Markup Assist automatically recognises the markups as Mtext, Mleaders or revision clouds:

AutoCAD 2023 MarkUp Import

You can click on each markup to insert it as geometry into the drawing.

If it’s not automatically aligned correctly, you can move, align, rotate or scale it first:

AutoCAD 2023 MarkUp Assist


AutoCAD 2023’s automation philosophy is extended by introducing a Count feature, showing the number of instances of an object or block in a certain area:

AutoCAD 2023 Count

Insights’ Macro Advisor

AutoCAD offers command macros which contain a sequence of commands and system variables to automate tasks you perform frequently when working in AutoCAD.

AutoCAD 2023 introduces an enhanced Insights function which uses AI technology to:

  • Determine when you’re performing a task or sequence repeatedly, and
  • recommend a macro to automate this for you.
AutoCAD 2023 Insights

Sheet Set Manager

Any design project you work on requires a set of accompanying drawings and specifications which require good organisation.

Since 2005, AutoCAD has offered the Sheet Set Manager feature, providing a means to manage your drawings from start to finish in your design.

AutoCAD 2023 introduces a Sheet Set Manager for Web, a lite version of the legacy Sheet Set Manager.

Sheet Set Manager for Web displays and manages named collections of drawing sheets stored in Autodesk Docs. When you open a DST file from Autodesk Docs, the Sheet Set Manager for Web is automatically displayed, providing the ability to create and remove sheets, set properties and publish sheet sets to PDF.

AutoCAD 2023 Sheet Set Manager

Other new features and improvements in AutoCAD 2023:

  • Trace
    Enhancement to the Trace feature, you can now create traces in desktop and contribute to traces created by others.
  • AutoCAD web APIs
    The AutoCAD web APIs automate steps in your AutoCAD web app workflow; users can set up LISP routines to run automatically when the computer starts up, or load LISP routines from a file. They can also rename or download LISP files. Just as in the AutoCAD desktop program, you can run LISP routines from the command line in the AutoCAD Web program.
  • Floating drawing window improvements
    Improvements include:
    – An anchored command window now stays with the active drawing window.
    – A floating command window maintains its position.
    – If drawing windows overlap, the active drawing window displays on top.
    – You can pin a drawing window to a location.
    • Enhanced graphics
      AutoCAD 2023’s improved graphic engine provides a better 2D display effect on high-end GPUs.
      Its new cross platform 3D graphics system leverages the power of modern GPUs and multi-core CPUs for a smooth navigation experience for larger 3D models.
    • Drawing and layout tabs
      Changes to the drawing and layout tabs make it easier to tell which drawing and layout is active.

    The drawing format for this release continues to be AutoCAD 2018, which many will welcome.

    Want to know more?

    Autodesk have produced a New Features Overview video providing further details about the above features, and others introduced in AutoCAD 2023.


    Whilst you wouldn’t describe AutoCAD 2023 as a hugely significant update, the new features and enhanced use of AI certainly help to streamline your workload, improving your efficiency and productivity. It’s a worthwhile upgrade.

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