Introduction to Lightroom training

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Key details

Key details

Lightroom training course for beginners, teaching key techniques for editing, organising and showcasing your images.

Adobe Lightroom is essential for today’s digital photography workflow, providing everything you need to manage and work with your images.

Introduction to Adobe Lightroom training provides a thorough grounding in the application. You’ll learn how to:

  • Import, process and manage your images.
  • Manipulate and edit your images, including colour correction and defect removal.
  • Showcase your images.

Introduction to Adobe Lightroom training is available on-request only, i.e. one-to-one training or a ‘closed’ course for your group. We don’t currently offer scheduled (public) Lightroom courses.

We can host the training at one of our centres, or your venue anywhere in the UK.

The training can be tailored to take into account any existing knowledge you have, and the work you’re going to be doing in Lightroom.

Accredited Lightroom training

Armada is an Adobe Authorised Training Centre (AATC), accredited by Adobe to provide Lightroom training.

Expert trainers

Lightroom training is hosted by Adobe Certified Instructors, who are Adobe Certified Experts in the application, with vast experience of using it professionally.

Training guide and certificate

Course delegates receive:

  • A comprehensive training guide for Lightroom, to refer to throughout the course, and to use as a refresher afterwards.
  • An e-certificate confirming successful completion of an Adobe‑accredited Lightroom training course. Click here to see an example of the certificate you receive.

After course support

Following Lightroom training, delegates are entitled to 30 days’ email support from their Lightroom trainer to help with any post-course issues.


No prior Lightroom knowledge is necessary.

Lightroom version

Training can be based on any version of Lightroom to suit you.

All Lightroom training is suitable for Windows and Mac users alike.

General information

General information

Course times

Standard course times are 9.30am–4.30pm.

As we’d be hosting this course for you/your group, there’s usually flexibility to change these to suit you, e.g. start or end 30 minutes earlier or later.


Payment for Lightroom training can be made bank transfer or card. View training course payment options.

We accept purchase orders from UK-registered companies.


See Accommodation local to our training centres.


If a company or delegate cancels an Lightroom training course booking giving less than 10 working days’ notice, a cancellation fee is payable. View cancellation terms.

Terms and conditions

Training course bookings are subject to our terms and conditions.


Course content

Course content

Exploring Lightroom’s interface

  • Understanding how Lightroom works
  • Lightroom’s workspace, panels and modules
  • Typical workflow

Introducing the workspace

  • Adjusting workspace layout
  • Using a secondary display
  • Working with panels and view modes
  • Personalising the identity plate

Importing images

  • The import process
  • Organising images in folders
  • Backup strategies
  • Renaming files and applying metadata
  • Importing via drag and drop and from watched folder

Reviewing images

  • Viewing and managing images
  • Grid view and survey view
  • Comparing and flagging images
  • Creating a quick collection
  • Working with filmstrip

Organising and selecting

  • Creating folders and subfolders
  • Synchronising folders
  • Using collection and smart collection
  • Applying keyword tags, flags and ratings
  • Using the filter bar

Developing and editing

  • Quick develop
  • The develop module
  • Cropping, rotating and flipping images
  • Creating virtual copies
  • Removing spots
  • Basic colour corrections
  • Graduated filter and adjustment brush
  • Working with external image editor

Creating slideshows

  • Setting up a slideshow
  • The slideshow module
  • Using templates
  • Customising the slideshow
  • Exporting a slideshow

Printing images

  • The print module
  • Using print templates
  • Customising print templates
  • Using colour management
  • Printing

Publishing photos on the Web

  • The web module
  • Creating a web gallery
  • Working with templates
  • Customising your web gallery
  • Exporting your gallery

Creating backups and exporting photos

  • Backing up the catalogue file and library
  • Exporting images as JPEGs and PSDs
  • Creating presets
“As a newbie, the course was very informative and instructive, and I now have a clear perspective of how to use the software.”

Colette D

“Very relevant and clear teaching style. Very practical and informative.”

Paul L