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Meet the team… Chandra Brown

Chandra Brown is the Course Co-ordinator at our Bristol centre. If you attend a course at Bristol, Chandra will be on hand to welcome you, introduce you to your trainer and make you feel at ease.

Chandra’s background is in beauty. She owns a salon providing hair, nail and beauty treatments, and she runs an award-winning academy offering accredited beauty training.

In this blog, Chandra talks about her role at Armada…

I have a wide range of responsibilities at Armada. Before anyone arrives, I make sure the training room is spic-and-span, just right to provide the ideal environment for training.

The first person to arrive is the trainer for the day. I talk to them about the day ahead, ensuring they have everything they need for the smooth running of the course.

Soon after, delegates begin to turn up. Some arrive earlier than others, which isn’t a problem – I appreciate you might have a long journey, and travelling doesn’t always run smoothly, so it’s wise to allow a contingency when planning your journey.

I aim to ensure you’ll feel as comfortable as possible in what is probably an environment different to what you’re used to. Our course delegates come from all walks of life, and for many it’s their first time in a classroom setting for a long time. I pride myself on turning that nervousness into excitement. There has yet to be a delegate who has found the course nearly as daunting as they anticipated when I ask them again on the second day!

Meeting people and finding out about their lives and how they plan on improving their businesses with the aid of our courses is the best part of my job. There is nothing more inspiring than to see someone chasing their ambitions and actually making it happen.

We have a fantastic training facility, and I make sure it stays that way. As uncool as it sounds, it is always a treat to see the room looking sparkling clean ahead of a days’ training starting.

We take safety seriously. In these ‘Covid times’, I make sure everything in the training room is fully sanitised each morning and cleaned before you use it. I’ll also ask you to sit at a particular desk to ensure you’re not close to anyone else if at all possible; we’re fortunate to have a large room that lets us do this the majority of the time.

My other responsibilities include making sure all the necessary course info is available to the course delegates, and ensuring we-re fully stocked in all items, including cold water, hot drinks and biscuits. I would never let our delegates be without a hot drink and biscuit!

If you’re thinking about attending a training course at our Bristol centre, I look forward to welcoming you.


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