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Meet the team… Matt Gurney

Hi, I’m Matt and I’m part of the back office team at Armada HQ in Bromsgrove. I’ve been here since October ’19.

My role is Technical and Marketing Administrator and it certainly keeps me busy! My primary responsibility is the maintenance of over 100 computers – those here at HQ, at our four satellite centres at Bristol, Milton Keynes, Reading and Sheffield, and two sets of laptops we use for courses hosted at clients’ sites.

I tackle everything from distribution and installation of software, to updates and repairs, and preparation for each course. If you’ve attended an in-class course at Armada recently, the chances are that I got your computer ready for you!

The computers across our satellite sites are networked, which is a real advantage. It means that I can access and work on all of the computers, across all of our sites, from my desk in the office… or even from my home in my pyjamas early in the morning! We have slick processes in place which allow me to get everything done quickly. This is fortunate, as I have a relatively short time frame between courses finishing and starting again the next morning.

I’m also involved in organising hardware and software for ‘closed courses’ hosted at client sites. As well as the set technical set up, I communicate with our client to ensure the safe delivery and operation of our training laptops (affectionately referred to by my colleagues as ‘Matt’s babies’). I must admit, I do like to see them safely return in one piece!

My other responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring and updating our various social media platforms.
  • Responding to and collating delegate feedback.
  • A wide range of other administrative tasks.

I have a varied role and I really enjoy the challenges it brings. I also love helping people, and providing technical support to our trainers and delegates, is something I’m particularly passionate about.

We are a dedicated and passionate bunch here at Armada and I think that shines through in everything that we do. I enjoy the relationships with my colleagues, we all work really hard but we do it with a smile and a good sense for humour! Does it sometimes mean late nights and extra early starts? Yes, but it is all worth it when we get the great feedback back from our clients and delegates.


Matt Gurney - IT and Marketing Administrator at Armada

About the author

Matt is part of the in house team at Armada. He has over 10 years of experience working within the Adult Education sector, with mainly IT and technical related roles. His main competencies are IT, Digital Marketing and Business Administration. Matt is the Technical and Marketing Administrator at Armada and he enjoys quite a varied job role ranging from the remote set up and maintenance of the computers at Armada’s training centres to managing the companies social media accounts and helping with the day to day running of the business. In his spare time Matt enjoys training in the Martial Arts and is a keen sports fan, with a particular passion for football (he’s an Arsenal fan for his sins, and a recreational spectator of Halesowen Town), basketball and motor racing. His other interests include playing electric guitar and dabbling with video editing.

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