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What’s new in SketchUp 2024?

Hey SketchUp fans!

April 2024, saw the release of SketchUp 2024. The fine folks at Trimble have been hard at work, listening to your feedback, and have introduced some snazzy upgrades to make your 3D designing smoother, faster and more like magic.

Are you ready to dive into the latest and greatest release that SketchUp 2024 brings? Let’s unwrap this package of new features and enhancements together…

💻 New Graphics Engine

First off, let’s talk horsepower – SketchUp’s graphics engine has had a major tune-up! This shiny new engine leverages the latest hardware and software tech to whizz through files and respond faster, especially with hefty models. Imagine cruising through your 3D models with the ease of scrolling through your morning news feed.

🌟 Ambient Occlusion

Now, for a bit of mood lighting in your models – enter Ambient Occlusion. This new feature is like adding a softness to an illustration, enhancing the depth and realism by emphasizing how edges and surfaces play with light. It’s like having a new rendering engine for your models!

🔗 Trimble Connect and Link Sharing

Sharing is caring, right? SketchUp Pro 2024 comes baked with Trimble Connect, allowing you to effortlessly share a view-only link of your model. It’s like handing out a digital window into your design world, plus, you can sync up all your .skp files across gadgets. Talk about staying connected!

🌍 Add Location

Adding real-world terrain has never been easier. The revamped Add Location feature comes with a true North arrow (no more getting lost!), and better import options for snagging that high-quality terrain data. It’s like Google Earth on steroids for your SketchUp projects!

🔄 IFC Import and Export Improvements

For the tech-savvy architects and designers, importing IFC files is now less ‘please wait’ and more ‘let’s go!’ With faster imports and smarter exports that keep your data tight and right, you’ll be moving and shaking through your building projects.

🔄 USDZ & gITF Interoperability

Dreaming of seamless workflows with other design tools? SketchUp’s new import and export capabilities with USDZ and gITF files are here to make that dream come true. Transitioning to and from different creative tools is now as easy as pie.

USDZ stands for Universal Scene Description Zip, a compressed 3D file format developed by Apple in collaboration with Pixar.

glTF is a standard file format for three-dimensional scenes and models. Export to Blender, a free open-source application, Sketchfab, a browser-based tool, or Earth, which you can use to add 3D objects to Google Earth.

🌐 Scan Essentials Ground Mesh

Turn those point cloud scans into editable, quad-faced terrain meshes with SketchUp 2024’s new Ground Mesh tool. It’s like giving a digital life to the ground beneath your feet!

🛠️ Extension Error Dialog

No more mystery malfunctions with extensions. A new error dialog will tell you who’s being naughty or nice, helping you update or ditch troublesome plugins without breaking a sweat.

📐 Modelling and LayOut Improvements

Whether it’s the Revit compatibility or version-less files in LayOut that open across different years, SketchUp 2024 is smoothing out your workflow and keeping the creative juices flowing. Not to mention, the new performance tab will make working in LayOut feel like a breeze.

So, gear up to experience these fantastic features that promise to enhance your productivity and let your creativity soar. Keep building, designing, and transforming your ideas into reality with SketchUp 2024. Happy designing, everyone! 🚀💡.

Armada offers SketchUp training to users at all levels.

For information about our two-day introductory-level SketchUp 2024 course, see Introduction to SketchUp. For details about the follow-on SketchUp courses available, see SketchUp follow-on courses.

Rod Cleasby - Autodesk Certified Instructor

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Rod has over 25 years’ experience working as a designer, visualisation expert and artist. His specialist areas include architecture, interior design and the production of photorealistic 3d virtual environments. AutoCAD, 3ds Max and SketchUp have been the mainstay of Rod’s professional work for 20 years. He is also an expert in various related tools and technologies, including the V-Ray and LightUp renderers.Rod has extensive experience training experience. He has worked as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Westminster on their Computer Visualisation course, and he is a long-established Autodesk Certified Instructor.Away from his professional work, Rod is an accomplished artist and musician, and a prolific writer of novels, novella, poetry and prose.

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