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Key details

Key details

WordPress training course for beginners, teaching everything you need to know to start creating professional-standard, responsive websites.

WordPress is the world’s most popular website and blogging content management system and blog, powering over 30% of the world’s websites. WordPress is easy-to-use and flexible, allowing you to create and manage websites and blogs without any programming knowledge.

Our Introduction to WordPress course introduces the powerful capabilities of WordPress. You learn everything you need to create a WordPress site from scratch, and maintain existing sites. The topics covered include:

  • Installing WordPress on a web server or local server. (Back in the workplace, you can set up your PC or Mac as a local server, meaning that you can continue to learn without having to pay hosting or domain fees.)
  • Building a fully-functional website with WordPress.
  • Navigating around the WordPress dashboard and interface.
  • Using the key features available in WordPress.
  • Creating pages and posts.
  • Adding content, images and videos.
  • Customising the look and feel of your site using themes, widgets and plugins, to create a unique design.
  • Creating structure and navigation menus that both visitors and search engines will find useful.
  • The essential HTML and CSS coding skills.
  • Getting people to your site by building a site that provides a first-class User Experience (UX) and is optimised for search engines (SEO).
  • Adding contact forms, maps and taking payments

This course is ideal for new and novice website designers.

Introduction to WordPress training is available on-request only, i.e. one-to-one training or a ‘closed’ course for your group. We don’t currently offer scheduled (public) WordPress courses.

We can host the training at one of our centres, or your venue anywhere in the UK. For courses hosted at clients’ sites, our trainer can bring a local server running WordPress along to your venue, that delegates can connect to, to practice the techniques taught.

The training can be tailored to take into account any existing knowledge you have, and the type of site or sites you’re going to be developing.

WordPress courses are hosted by Andrew Moreton, a long-established consultant and trainer with expert knowledge of web development using WordPress.

How will I learn?

Our WordPress training is hands-on and practical. You learn by creating your own fully-functioning website from scratch, covering all related topics along the way.

There is plenty of time to ask questions, and you can take away all the files you create.

Training guide and certificate

Course delegates receive:

  • A comprehensive training guide for WordPress, to refer to throughout the course, and to use as a refresher afterwards.
  • An e-certificate confirming successful completion of a WordPress training course. Click here to see an example of the certificate you receive.

After course support

Following WordPress training, delegates are entitled to 30 days’ email support from their WordPress trainer to help with any post-course issues. For further details, see Support.


No prior WordPress, HTML, CSS or other coding knowledge is necessary. Everything you need to know is taught in this course.

WordPress version

Training can be based on any version of WordPress to suit you.


General information

General information

Course times

Standard course times are 9.30am–4.30pm.

As we’d be hosting this as a ‘closed course’ for you/your group, there’s usually flexibility to change these times to suit you, e.g. start or end 30 minutes earlier or later.


Payment for WordPress training can be made bank transfer or card.

We accept purchase orders from UK-registered companies.

If you’re self-funding your training, you can pay in staged payments, interest-free, over 12 months.

For further details, see training course payment options.


See Accommodation local to our training centres.

Cancellations and postponements

If an on-request Introduction to WordPress course booking is cancelled giving less than 20 working days’ notice, a cancellation fee is payable. View cancellation terms.

If an on-request Introduction to WordPress course booking is postponed giving less than 20 working days’ notice, a postponement fee is payable. View postponement terms.

Terms and conditions

Training course bookings are subject to our terms and conditions.


Expert trainer

Expert trainer

Andrew Moreton

Andrew Moreton - WordPress trainer

WordPress courses are hosted by Andrew Moreton.

Andrew has been creating websites since the earliest days of the World Wide Web. He has written a book on HTML and CSS (published by Prentice Hall) and is a WordPress Theme developer and expert.

When he’s not doing digital things, he cooks, listens to loud music, reads and runs a kids comics club at his local library.


Course content

Course content

Introduction to WordPress and website development

  • A brief history of WordPress, and why it’s the market leader
  • Responsive websites
  • Why mobiles matter more and more

Getting Started

  • Logging in and out
  • The WordPress menubar
  • Navigating and orientation
  • The Dashboard

WordPress installation and setup

  • Planning your site
  • Understanding the WordPress framework
  • Hosting considerations
  • Self-hosting
  • Creating a site at wordpress.com
  • Setting up a local server
  • Page loading speeds
  • The proper way to set up WordPress
  • Keeping your site safe and secure
  • SSL (https) certificates and why you need them
  • The importance of backups


  • Understanding posts – the difference between a post and a page
  • Creating a post
  • Using the post editor
  • Adding media content
  • Categories and tags
  • Saving a draft
  • Previewing your post
  • Publishing your post


  • Understanding pages
  • Creating a page
  • Page hierarchy – parent/child
  • Page templates
  • Optimising your page

Customising the page components

  • Customising the header
  • Customising menus
  • Customising the sidebar and footer

Using themes to changing your site’s appearance

  • Understanding themes
  • Choosing your theme – free themes and premium themes
  • Installing a theme
  • Previewing and activating themes
  • Customising a theme
  • Choosing the home page
  • Changing banner images
  • Adding logos and text elements
  • Changing colours
  • Type considerations
  • Linking to posts and pages
  • Linking to other sites
  • Linking to a section on the same post or page

Working with images and videos

  • Adding images and videos
  • Add from the Media Library or a URL
  • Titles, ALT and properties
  • Understanding menu items
  • Adding pages, posts and categories to menus
  • Menus and theme options

Using plugins

  • Introduction to plugins
  • Essential plugins
  • Shopping sites with WooCommerce
  • Online appointment systems
  • How to find plugins you can trust

Making use of widgets

  • Understanding widgets
  • Adding widgets
  • Positioning widgets
  • Finding additional widgets

Essential HTML tags

  • Block tags: <p>, <ul>, hx, blockquote
  • Inline tags: <strong>, <em>, <a>
  • Linking
  • <img> tag

Essential CSS tags

  • Overview of CSS
  • Tag Selectors
  • Class and ID Selectors

Managing users

  • WordPress users
  • User profiles and privileges

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and User Experience (UX)

  • Marketing your website
  • WordPress and social media
  • What Google thinks and how to please it
  • What Google rewards and punishes
  • SEO tips and tricks
  • Using search console and sitemaps
  • Why UX matters, and will matter even more in the future
  • The importance of proper navigation structures
  • How long should pages be
  • What should pages contain

Finishing touches

  • Contact forms
  • Google maps
  • Social media integration


“Great WordPress training course learnt so much from our trainer Andrew. Looking forward to putting all we have learnt into action. Fantastic venue with easy transport links.”

Abby B

Remote training is available for our most popular courses. For a limited time, we’re offering discounts off the usual course price. See Remote training.