Hardware recommendations for online training

As a minimum, you’ll need is:

  • An Internet-connected computer, running the software on which you’re being trained.
  • A mouse with scroll wheel. (If you’re using a laptop, we advise against using its mousepad for your training.)
  • A webcam.
  • Audio: a headset, or microphone and speakers.

For the best experience, we recommend two screens – one to follow the training, and the other to practice using the software you’re learning, carry out exercises, etc.

Hardware for live online training - two screens

If you’re not able to use two screens with the same computer, a fallback option is to use two separate devices. The device you use to follow the training can be a Windows computer, Mac, iPad, Android tablet or smartphone. Be aware, however, that tablets and smartphones don’t offer an optimum format for participating in training.

If you don’t have two screens or two separate devices, you can do everything on a single screen. It will mean, though, you having to switch between the training session and the software you’re being trained in.

Our centres are open for in-class training, with full safety measures implemented. All courses available live online.