Live online training

Live online training

Live online training

Live online training lets you participate in a course from your place of work or home.

You participate in the same course as in-class delegates, and we do everything possible to make your online training experience as close as possible to actually being in the classroom…

  • Your training is instructor-led, and hands-on – you’ll practice and carry out exercises throughout. No sessions are pre-recorded.
  • You can see and hear your trainer and the other course delegates. Our trainer and the other delegates can see you (via your webcam) and hear you.
  • For most courses, you can choose from a printed training guide that we’ll post to you, or a PDF.
  • We’ll make the course files and resources available for you to download.
  • If you’re learning to use an application and don’t have access to the software, we can usually provide a link to fully-functional trial software that you can download and install. For Autodesk applications, such as AutoCAD  and Revit, we can lend you a license.
  • If you need assistance, you can share your screen with our trainer, and pass control to them.
  • Your course carries the same accreditations as our in-class courses, e.g. it is an Autodesk-accredited course, or an Adobe-accredited course.
  • Should you want to send a private message to your trainer, you can do so using chat.
  • You’re entitled to 30 days’ email support from your trainer.

When you attend live online training, you’re participating in a real course, hosted by a real trainer, in real time.

How it works, visually

You can see the trainer and the other course delegates…

Live online training - see your trainer and the other course delegates

You’ll view PowerPoint presentations…

Live online training - PowerPoint presentations

And watch demonstrations in the software you’re being trained in…

Live online training - software demonstrations

Hardware recommendations

You’ll need an Internet-connected computer with a webcam and audio capability – see Hardware recommendations for live online training for details.

The setup is simple, but if there’s anything you’re not sure about we’re here to help.

Want to know more?

Take a look at Lyndsay Mann’s blog, What to expect from online training with Armada.

“Thought online worked well - great option if cant get to the centre.”

Lynsey H

“The course was super helpful and informative it was my favourite that I have completed with Armada so far - I almost wish it was longer! As for a 2 day course a lot was covered and I've learnt some great skills to take away with me. The clear instructions throughout were great - I was skeptical about doing the course via zoom but it was much better/easier than anticipated. Big thank you to Rod for all of his help.”

Elizabeth W

“Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and the rest of the Armada crew. Marek was a great facilitator and made the learning easy to deliver. I facilitate online myself and it was lovely to be on the other side for once. ”

Tine B

“Carl was very helpful and patient with the class. He covered more topics than I expected. I worked from home on Zoom and found it was a good way to learn. I'm very pleased with the training, thanks again Carl!”

Mark T

“Carl was a brilliant instructor, very clear, understanding, and experienced. Can't speak highly enough. I learnt some really useful skills that are relevant to both my job and my personal interests. The online process was also very slick and all the pre-information before taking part was well communicated. Overall, a great experience.”

Abel G

“Our trainer is really interactive and engaging despite not being classroom based, I did feel like we were part of the class!”

Victoria L

“Very easy to follow course, The instructor, Nebille, was fantastic. I was doing the training virtually and he made sure to keep checking in, to ensure I was following along and understood exactly what was going on. I would have liked to have spent a little bit more time on plumbing, but other than that I can not fault the course.”

Kay R

“I found that everything relating to text, how to wrap it, edit it, create styles was extremely helpful and will be directly put into my work. This was a very interesting and helpful 2 day course. Easy to follow and great as an introduction. I attended online and found it was very easy to follow even though not in person.”

Hannah R

“The best professional training that I have ever received.”

Jamie M

“Stewart was an excellent tutor for our first foray into Revit! The fact we filled out and created or own project in real-time while watching on Zoom meant we really learnt the software and the main commands and processes that we will likely go through. ”

Jacques D

“This was my first time doing an online course and it was very enjoyable and the learning experience was great. ”

Jake D

“Great course. Very easy to understand. I had a great instructor and the course was very easy to learn through Zoom. ”

Kieran L

“Overall the course was great, I learnt a lot and can now take these skills into the real world and get designing components for my work. Carl was a brilliant tutor and made sure everyone understood what we were doing, even online. ”

Bobby W

“Alistair Dabbs was very knowledgeable and pitched the training at the right level. Not easy to deliver 3 days of training virtually but he did a great job A*”

Simon B

“Very happy with the course. Lynne was an excellent trainer. Approachable, professional and knowledgeable. I was also very pleased with how easy the zoom call was.”

Bo Kelly

“Extremely knowledgeable tutor. Very easy to follow even online via zoom. Very happy”

Michael W

“I trained remotely from my home and was very impressed with how seamless the training was. I will definitely look to employ this practice again for future learning. Carl was a good trainer and a lot of his experiences resonated with me and my team.”

Robert D

“Brilliant course! Even though it was virtual there were no tech problems! Mark was amazing - very helpful, always checked that we were ok and that we understood but also very happy to go back over anything if one of us needed help. Thank you!”

Sarah C

“The virtual course was interesting and a good refresher for me on Plain English. ”

Gary B

“The course ran really smoothly through Zoom and was easy to follow.”

Kate M

“Found our trainer to be very knowledgeable and helpful. Phil was extremely patient with our team and used breaks to work out the answer to some of the questions we had asked. Found that overall it was a great training course and worked extremely well remotely.”

Anna C

“I would usually prefer to attend training in person but I actually found the online training to be easy to follow and the day was well structured. I would feel confident in attending any other online training and would recommend this course to others who are looking to learn.”

Laura J

“Very friendly, welcoming and willing to answer any questions. Obviously it was different to any other training course I have attended in the past due to this one being conducted via Zoom but I feel this worked really well and I still learned everything I would of done if I was sitting in a classroom.”

Carley M

“Very good course - feel confident I know the basics. Trainer was very good and adapted very well to teaching online. ”

Lisa W

“I thought the remote training was done well and Lynne was warm, friendly and knowledgeable. ”

Joanne M

“At first I was a bit skeptical of attending two days of online training but I was surprised how effective it was. The training was really engaging and worked exceptionally well online. ”

George C

“I think it must be difficult delivering training under the current circumstances and without the classroom dynamic, but I thought Crow was really skilled at keeping us on track and lightening the mood! She also gave really helpful feedback on the course exercises and answered questions thoroughly.”

Rebecca G

“I'd like to thank Crow again for delivering these sessions. Even though the course was online it was still very engaging and enjoyable, and I learned a lot over the week.”

Sianne F

“Extremely high quality course tailored to suit our needs. Kept it very relevant and engaging even over Microsoft Teams. I didn't attend the first day as we had two different groups but our trainer also tailored it slightly depending to who was in the group and what they wanted to look into. ”

Laura Crotch-Harvey

“Phil was able to balance training both virtual and in class attendees and was fully engaging throughout.”

Megan R

“Although the course was held online due to the current restrictions, Philip made sure that we covered everything we expected in the course and clearly covered all areas we wanted and more. ”

Kate G

“Instructor very knowledgeable and helpful. Online version of course worked surprisingly well!”

Steven VD

“Stewart was a fantastic teacher. Preferred doing training at home rather than travelling to learning centre. Zoom worked very well for course.”

Lewis Y

“This was my first online training course and it went very well, especially for a difficult course like Revit. I would definitely recommend this online Revit course to other people.”

Ashley M

“The online training worked well - saved on travel, meant I could use my normal laptop etc so get a feel for how it really works for me. Lynne was really friendly and helpful. She was very knowledgeable about any queries that came up.”

Holly U

“I was worried doing the course digitally would pose some issues, however Chris was very clear and there was a good connection at all times - it was great to be able to learn so much over the two days from the comfort of my own home.”

Megan C

“I really enjoyed the virtual course which was the only option available due to the current climate. Due to this I would definitely look at doing more online courses because of how easy it was to follow.”

Luka T