Adobe Illustrator training in-class or online
Why attend Illustrator training?

Here’s the top five things you’ll learn on our introductory Illustrator course…

#1 Create logos and graphics as well as maps, diagrams, packaging and more…
Illustrator is the ultimate drawing tool. Draw and colour any artwork you can imagine using sophisticated tools like the Pen, Shaper and Live Paint.
Illustrator blog - create logos and graphics

#2 Quickly combine shapes to create complex drawings
The Pathfinder and Shape Builder Tools let you combine multiple shapes in just a few clicks, so you can create complex artwork without having to draw every line yourself.
Illustrator blog - combine shapes

#3 Convert photos into a graphic you can edit
Use Image Trace to convert raster images, photos or sketches into editable artwork, that you can manipulate, recolour and scale up with no loss of quality.
Illustrator blog - convert photos

#4 Import data and create attractive graphs
Import data from Excel and use it to create highly-customisable graphs.
Illustrator blog - import data

#5 Draw in 3D
Use simple 3D functions like revolve, rotate and extrude to create 3D-looking objects. Draw over a 3D outline with the Perspective Grid Tool.Illustrator blog - draw in 3D

Sound good? You’ll find further details dates of forthcoming Illustrator courses at our Birmingham/Bromsgrove, Bristol, Reading, Milton Keynes and Sheffield centres here.

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