Adobe Creative Cloud training in-class or online
Why attend Adobe Creative training at Armada?

When looking for a course in an Adobe creative app did you Google, for example, “InDesign training” or “Premiere Pro training” and wonder whether you should do a classroom-based or an online course, or even just follow YouTube videos?

Here’s some of the benefits of attending a classroom-based or live online course at Armada:

#1 Shorter time

Let’s face it, despite your best intentions, if you buy an online course you’ll likely end up doing a bit whenever you have time. And it might take you weeks or months to complete. With in-person training you just show up, and after two days’ of hard concentration, you can use the application in earnest.

#2 Highly-experienced, certified instructors 

Whereas non-accredited centres will probably have a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ train you, all of our Adobe creative trainers are Adobe Certified Instructors (ACIs). They have training credentials, and have passed stringent exams to prove their expertise.

All of our trainers have 15+ years’ experience training in the applications and using them professionally.

The bottom line is that they will be able to answer any questions you may have, even if it’s beyond the scope of the syllabus.

#3 Hands-on help

With online training, if you don’t understand something, you’ll have nowhere to turn.

On our courses, if there’s something you’re not sure about, simply ask our trainer who will help you out.

And you’re not on your own after the course either; you have 30 days’ email support, and if you don’t feel you’ve grasped all the concepts, you can repeat the same course free of charge. This is our guarantee that you will learn the skills you need.

#4 Adobe-accredited training and facilities

Our facilities have met Adobe’s stringent requirements. All offer a comfortable and professional learning environment conducive to learning.

Adobe monitor delegate feedback, and review our facilities and all aspects of our approach to hosting course in Adobe applications annually.

This guarantees a high standard of training.

At the end of your course, you get a certificate confirming that you have attended an Adobe-accredited course, to stick in your portfolio…

So, whereas non-authorised training centres can do what they like with their delegates once the course fee has been paid, we read every one of our delegate’s comments to see if there is anything that can be improved upon, even if it’s just the air-con!

#5 Facilities and training guarantee

Whilst attending training, delegates have access to a high-spec computer running licensed software to practice the techniques taught.

You get a comprehensive training guide. That’s used during the course and provides a useful source of reference after.

Refreshments and lunch are provided.

And, if don’t feel that you grasped the concepts or learned enough to be able to put the skills into practice, you can repeat the same course absolutely free of charge. This is our guarantee to you that you will learn the skills you need. (This applies to scheduled course bookings only.)

Sound good? You’ll find further information about the course or courses you’re considering here.

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