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What benefits does Autodesk certification bring?

Armada is an Autodesk Certification Centre, offering Autodesk Certified User (ACU) exams in Autodesk’s most popular applications: AutoCAD, Revit for Architecture, Fusion360, 3ds Max, Inventor, and Maya.

Whether you’re an individual in the early stages of your career, an established user or an employer with CAD designers in your team, gaining a formal Autodesk accreditation offers a range of great benefits.

In this blog post, Lyndsay Mann runs through some of these…

Benefits to individuals

You’ll gain an industry-recognised credential

If you have expert knowledge of an Autodesk application, why wouldn’t you want evidence of this? Autodesk certification provides a reliable validation that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to use the application effectively in a professional environment. The Autodesk Certification exams are performance-based tests, where you carry out real-world tasks using live Autodesk software.

Career progression

Professional certification accelerates career advancement. In a survey conducted by Autodesk, 77% of respondents believed that an Autodesk accreditation gave them an advantage in the job market. Some 67% had either been asked for certification when applying for a job or thought it likely in the future and 35% said that their company had been asked for proof of individual skills or qualifications when it bid for work.

Marketing yourself

Autodesk certification is a great way of defining yourself beyond your job description or academic qualifications.

When you achieve Autodesk certification, you’ll receive an official Autodesk Certificate. That’s certainly something to be proud of!

You’ll also be granted an Autodesk-certified badge. This makes a great addition to your CV and email signature, and helps you stand out in a competitive job market.

Revit examAutoCAD exam3ds Max exam

Join a team of elite professionals

You have the option of appearing in Autodesk’s publicly-accessible database of certified users. This lets you prove your certified status to prospective clients and employers. It’s also used by companies searching for a Certified User.

Benefits to companies

Upskilling staff

Upskilling staff aids employee retention. If you set Continuous Professional Development (CPD) targets for your staff, why not add Autodesk Certification to this year’s goals?


Tell your clients your design work is carried out by Autodesk-certified professionals.

Add Autodesk-certified badges to your website and your team’s email signatures.

Improved performance

Candidates will need to prepare for certification exams. In doing this, they’ll strengthen their existing skills and fill gaps in their knowledge. This stronger skillset and the improved efficiency that results will make them more productive in their day to day work.

Armada offers regular exam sessions for candidates to sit Autodesk exams live online. Fur further details Autodesk certification exams.


Lyndsay Mann - Sales and Marketing Administrator at Armada

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Lyndsay Mann is one of Armada's Training Managers. She is often the face behind our website chat service, the voice at the end of many of our in-bound phone call enquiries and an integral part of the team. Lyndsay studied Equine Science at Holme Lacy college, and she has numerous Equestrian qualifications. Prior to working at Armada, she spent the majority of her professional life managing busy competition stables, both private and professional, in the UK and Europe.When she isn’t working, Lyndsay likes to be outdoors and active as much as possible. Weekends are generally spent catching up with friends and family, and she is regularly the unpaid help for her friends at horse trials.

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