Autodesk 3ds Max training
Why attend 3ds Max training?

3ds Max provides a comprehensive solution for 3D modelling, animation, and rendering. You can create anything, from stunning game environments to architectural designs, industrial motion graphics to manufacturing visualisations.

To get the most out of 3ds Max, there are dozens of features and techniques to learn.

Our introductory-level 3ds Max course works from the ground up, focusing on the essential skills you need to create professional-standard 3D models, striking photo-realistic visualisations and animations.

Here’s four things you’ll learn…

#1 Create 3D environments

Learn to use comprehensive polygon modelling and texturing toolset to create detailed environments.

3ds Max blog - create 3D environments

#2 Explore the different options available to render your work

You’ll want to show your work in the best possible light, and key to this is choosing the most appropriate renderer for your work.

In our introductory-level course, you’ll investigate the latest renderers shipped with 3ds Max: ART and Arnold, discussing the pros and cons based on what you’re trying to achieve. You’ll also look at the most popular third-party renderers that are available, such as V-Ray, so you can establish whether it’s worth investing in one of these.

3ds Max blog - renderer options

#3 Create camera movements and animation

With 3ds Max you can create any animation you can imagine. We’ll show you how to use camera movement to fly through a visualisation scene, and techniques for animating objects, characters and vehicles.

3ds Max blog - create camera movements and animation

#4 Import your designs from other software

Learn how to import designs from AutoCAD. The procedure is similar for other applications you might use, such as Revit, Inventor, Fusion 360 and SketchUp.

3ds Max blog - import your designs from other software

How will this benefit me?

Ok, I’ve got an idea about some of the techniques I’ll learn, but will this really benefit me?

Here’s just a few reasons why you should take the plunge and book a course:

#1 Add value to your role

3ds Max is such a specialist software to master that is a much sought-after skill. Learn the ultimate 3D application at a time when 3D and VR is really taking off.

#2 Have a skill you can take anywhere

3ds Max is the industry-standard for visualisation and animation. The ability to create with 3ds Max gives you the basis for pursuing a professional 3D visualisation or animation career. It is used across such a wide range of industries, from architecture to engineering, games, TV and film.

#3 Fill gaps in your knowledge

3ds Max is a complex software and even if you can do a few basic things, chances are you are not using it in the most efficient way, and there are many tools and features you are not using to their full potential.

#4 Learn the principles of modelling and rendering

Our courses go beyond just the software – as well as learning 3ds Max, you learn about the best practices for modelling and rendering. Our trainers provide a range of industry insights and handy tips.

If you’re still considering training in 3ds Max, we’re running courses in Birmingham/Bromsgrove, Bristol, Reading, Milton Keynes and Sheffield soon. You’ll find further details and dates here.

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