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Why attend AutoCAD training at Armada, rather than elsewhere?

When looking for AutoCAD courses, did you Google “AutoCAD training” in your area and wonder why the same course differed so wildly in price? Bet that cheap option was pretty tempting.

AutoCAD training is very popular nowadays. One unfortunate consequence of this is the ‘CAD cowboys’ – companies with little knowledge of AutoCAD who offer sub-standard training. However, just because they’re cheap, it doesn’t mean they provide good value for money. Many people find that the opposite is the case, to their cost.

So, how do you distinguish the good from the bad? Simple – make sure you go to an Autodesk-Authorised Training Centre (AATC). Here’s four key reasons why:

#1 Highly-experienced, certified instructors 

Whereas non-accredited centres will probably have a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ train you, all of our AutoCAD trainers are Autodesk Certified Instructors (ACIs). They have training credentials, and have passed stringent exams in AutoCAD to prove their expertise.

All of our trainers have 15+ years’ experience training AutoCAD and using it professionally.

The bottom line is that they will be able to answer any questions you may have, even if it’s beyond the scope of the syllabus.

#2 Accredited certificate

At the end of the course you don’t just get a certificate made up by the training centre. You get an e‑certificate emailed to you directly from Autodesk, confirming that you’ve completed an accredited AutoCAD course:

#3 Monitored training performance

Our training performance is monitored by Autodesk, who assess our facilities and feedback provided by delegates at the end of each course.

As an AATC, we must achieve consistent approval ratings of at least 85%, to maintain our ‘accredited’ status; this is your guarantee that you will receive first-class training. Armada’s approval rating actually exceeds 90%.

So, whereas non-authorised training centres can do what they like with their delegates once the course fee has been paid, we read every one of our delegate’s comments to see if there is anything that can be improved upon, even if it’s just the air-con!

#4 Facilities, support and training guarantee

Whilst attending training, delegates have access to a high-spec computer running licensed AutoCAD software to practice the techniques taught.

You get a comprehensive training guide for AutoCAD. This is used during the course, and it provides a useful refresher after.

Refreshments and lunch are provided.

Delegates are entitled to 30 days’ email support from their trainer to help with any post-course issues. For further details, see Support.

And, if don’t feel that you grasped the concepts or learned enough to be able to put the skills into practice, you can repeat the same course absolutely free of charge. This is our guarantee to you that you will learn the skills you need. (This applies to scheduled course bookings only.)

Sound good? You can find further details about Armada’s AutoCAD Essentials courses, check dates and book here.

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