AutoCAD training
Why learn AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is a great application to learn – it’s the de-facto standard in CAD used by millions worldwide.

But AutoCAD looks incredibly confusing, and you’re not entirely convinced that it’s worth the time and expense to learn it, especially as quality training isn’t cheap. So, you need some justification.

Here we pick out five good reasons why you should take the plunge and learn AutoCAD:

#1 Industry-standard

AutoCAD has long been the de-facto standard for drawing and drafting, and its DWG file format is easily exchanged between companies and governmental bodies.

If you learn AutoCAD, you’re learning the industry-accepted norm in computer-aided design and drafting.

#2 In-demand skills

AutoCAD skills increase your job prospects and employability.

The ability to design with AutoCAD gives you the technical expertise you need to pursue a professional design career.

Not convinced? Go to any major job site and search for ‘AutoCAD’; you’ll find hundreds of vacancies.

#3 Portable skills

AutoCAD is used across a wide range of industries, from Architecture to Civil Engineering, Construction to Electrical Engineering, Interior Designer to Surveying.

As such, AutoCAD skills are portable – they’re likely to be of use whatever role you find yourself in.

#4 Transferable skills

When you attend AutoCAD training at Armada, not only do you learn about the application, but also the key concepts and theory behind CAD. Should you go on to use other CAD tools in the future, such as Autodesk Inventor or Revit, the AutoCAD skills you learn will stand you in good stead and reduce your learning curve.

#5 Endless possibilities…

You might start off thinking that a simple 2D drawing is all that you require, but who knows what your future requirements will be. AutoCAD offers many options for taking your designs to the next level. For example, you can:

  • Transform your 2D drawings into fully functioning 3D models.
  • Bring your models to life by importing them into a graphics programme such as 3ds Max and generating photo-realistic visualisations and even animations.

We run regular AutoCAD courses in Birmingham/Bromsgrove, Bristol, Reading, Milton Keynes and Sheffield. You can check dates and book here.

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