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Premiere Pro tips… Adding or altering timecode

A cheap and cheerful way of creating a multi-camera sequence in Premiere Pro is to use cameras such as mobile devices, DSLRs and GoPros. However, these cameras do not generate their own burnt-in timecodes, making it difficult to synchronise the pictures later if there was only one operator or there is lag in the sound.

A solution is to create your own timecode by showing each running camera a phone displaying timecode which is derived from the phone’s internal clock. There are a variety of timecode apps available today, and any of them will do. I use LTC Timecode Generator.

You must remember to set it to the correct frame rate:

LTC timecode generator

You can then reprogram the timecode of any clip by selecting it in the Project panel and choosing Clip > Modify > Timecode. (By default, the timecode of clips without burnt-in code, such as those created by GoPro and DSLR cameras, is 0.)

In the dialog box displayed, you can enter a new start timecode, in line with the timecode that your mobile phone was displaying when held in front of your GoPro/DSLR.

Then, when creating your Multi-camera Source sequence, you’ll be able to choose the Timecode radio button and jam-lock the pictures without relying on the audio or pointing all of the cameras at the same location.

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Chris Nelthorpe is an Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI) and an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) in both After Effects and Premiere Pro. He is also an expert user of Adobe Audition.He uses all three applications extensively in his professional work as an Editor, Motion Graphics Designer, Visual Effects Artist and Sound Designer.Chris has worked on documentaries, short films, fashion shoots, corporate videos and features, editing over a hundred show reels for clients including Forces TV and British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS).

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