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Fusion 360 Essentials training

3 days
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£495+ VAT
Live online:
£395+ VAT


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Key details

Key details

Comprehensive Autodesk Fusion 360 training for newcomers, teaching everything you need to create high-performing product designs. 

Autodesk Fusion 360 provides a single cloud-based platform that you can use to carry out all aspects of product development, from design and testing, through to simulation and fabrication.

Fusion 360 Essentials training provides a thorough grounding, teaching key techniques including:

  • Sketching
  • 3D modelling
  • Assemblies
  • Visualisations, rendered images and animations
  • Simulation
  • Drawings
  • Importing CAD data into Fusion 360.
  • CAM and CNC – a discussion of the possibilities.

In-class or online

Our centres are open for in-class training, with full safety measures implemented. Where numbers allow, you’ll sit at a desk without anyone sitting next to you.

All courses are available in our popular live online format.

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Birmingham / Bromsgrove
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Accredited Fusion 360 training

Armada is an Autodesk authorised Training Centre (ATC), and our Fusion 360 training courses are accredited by Autodesk.

Fusion 360 courses are hosted by Autodesk Certified Instructors, with vast experience of using the application professionally. For further details, see Expert trainers.

Fusion 360 training guide and certificate

Course delegates receive:

  • A comprehensive training guide for Fusion 360, to refer to throughout the course, and to use as a refresher afterwards.
  • An e-certificate confirming successful completion of an accredited Fusion 360 training course. This is emailed to delegates directly from Autodesk. Click here to see an example of the certificate you receive.

Fusion 360 certification exams

When you attend Fusion 360 training, you’re not assessed and there is no exam to sit. We teach you practical skills you can use in the real world, not prepare you to sit a test.

If you want to gain an industry-recognised credential in Fusion 360, we offer Autodesk certification exams that you can sit on a future date.

Exams can be sat at our Bromsgrove centre, on online. For further details, see Certification exams.

Fusion 360 running on Windows or Mac

Fusion 360 works almost identically running on a Windows computer or Mac, and our course is suitable for users of both platforms. (There are some minor differences, but nothing of significance.)

When you attend training in-class, you’ll practice on a Windows computer. If you participate live online, you can run Fusion 360 on either a Windows computer or Mac.

Training is based on the current version of Fusion 360.

After course support

Following Fusion 360 training, delegates are entitled to 30 days’ email support from their Fusion 360 trainer to help with any post-course issues. For further details, see Support.


No prior Fusion 360 or 3D modelling knowledge is required.

Experience using a CAD application, such as AutoCAD, is beneficial but not essential.

Fusion 360 version

Training is based on the latest version of Fusion 360, running on Windows or Mac.

Our guarantees to you

We offer:

On-request Fusion 360 training available

Fusion 360 Essentials training is also available on-request, i.e. one-to-one training or a ‘closed course’ for your group, hosted at one of our centres, your venue or online.

On-request Fusion 360 training can be tailored to take into account any existing knowledge you have, and the work you’re going to be doing. Please contact us for a quote.

General information

General information

Course times



Payment for Fusion 360 training can be made by:

  • Bank transfer. Please call 01527 834783 for our bank details.
  • Card. All major credit and debit cards accepted. Payment can be made securely online or over the phone. Card payments are processed by Stripe. Armada doesn’t record or store your card details.

If you’re self-funding your training, you can pay in staged payments, interest-free, over 12 months. For further details, see Staged payments.

Purchase orders

We accept purchase orders from UK-registered companies or public sector organisations.

Cancellations and transfers

You can cancel a booking on a scheduled training course, or transfer to a later course, without penalty providing you give us 10 working days’ notice. Any fees already paid will be refunded.

If you cancel a booking on a scheduled Fusion 360 Essentials course giving less than 10 working days’ notice, or request a transfer to a later course, a cancellation/transfer fee is payable. The fee charged depends on the notice period given. For details, see cancellation terms.

Different terms apply for the cancellation or postponement of an on-request course (one-to-one training or a ‘closed course’ for your group). For details, see course cancellations.

Terms and conditions

Training course bookings are subject to our terms and conditions.

Expert trainers

Expert trainers

Fusion 360 Essentials training courses are hosted by:

Carl Portman

Carl Portman Autodesk Certified Instructor

Carl Portman has been an Autodesk-accredited instructor for 25 years, a College Lecturer (City and Guilds 3D modelling) for 15 years and a CAD consultant for 35 years.

Carl’s background is in engineering. He has vast design experience in a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace and medical, and he continues to carry out project work for a range of clients. Projects that Carl has completed include designing complete car plants for Jaguar Land Rover.

Carl has expert knowledge of:

  • A wide range of 3D design applications used in engineering, including AutoCAD, Alias, Fusion 360, Inventor and SolidWorks.
  • Machining, CAM and CNC.

Away from work, Carl’s passion is motorsport, and until recently he raced motorbikes. He knows Silverstone and Brands Hatch like the back of his hand, and he has the scars to prove it.

Andy Roe

Andy Roe Autodesk Certified Instructor

Andy has worked in CAD for over 30 years in roles including Draughtsman, CAD System Manager, Project Manager and Design Engineer.

In recent years, Andy has focused on developing and delivering training courses. He is a long-established Autodesk Certified Instructor (ACI), and he focuses primarily on Autodesk applications including AutoCAD, Inventor, Fusion 360, 3ds Max and Sketchbook, as well as Dassault Systemes SolidWorks.

Andy continues to undertake project work to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and practices. He specialises in modelling complex 3D designs from prototype to production, including the development of visuals and animations for a range of engineering projects.

Industries in which Andy has significant experience include aerospace, defence and automotive.

Course content

Course content

Introduction to Autodesk Fusion 360

  • Autodesk Fusion 360 fundamentals
    • Feature-based modelling
    • Parametric features
    • Managing assembled designs
    • Design documentation
  • Getting Started
    • Understanding workspaces
    • Understanding projects
  • The Autodesk Fusion 360 interface
    • Ribbon
    • Accessing commands
  • Design navigation and display
    • Design navigation
    • ViewCube
    • Named views
    • Design display
    • Geometry selection
    • Environment and effects
  • Managing your designs and project data
    • Importing and exporting data
    • Using A360 and Fusion 360 to manage data
    • Version management

Creating the first feature with quick shapes

  • Design units and origin
  • Quick shape creation


  • Introduction to sketching
    • Starting a new sketch
    • Creating sketch objects
    • Turning sketches into 3D objects
  • Sketch Entities
    • Line, spline, points
  • Rectangles
    • Circle, arcs
  • Dimensioning
    • Dynamic input
    • Sketch dimensions
    • Sketch constraints
    • Extruding and revolving a sketch
  • Additional entity types
    • Polygons
    • Ellipse
    • Slot
    • Tangent arc using a line
    • Tangent line between circles or arcs
    • Fillets
    • Construction entities
  • Editing tools
    • Trim
    • Extend
    • Mirror
  • Additional dimension tools
    • Center dimensions
    • Radius or diameter dimensions
    • Angular dimensions
    • Over- constrained sketches
  • Sketched secondary features
  • Using existing geometry to project new geometry


  • The different modelling options available
  • Solid modelling
    • Direct modelling
    • History modelling
  • Parametric modelling
    • Changing aspects of your model that automatically update
  • Part libraries and content
    • Accessing standard parts
    • Importing parts data into a design
  • Feature duplication tools
    • Mirroring geometry
    • Patterning features
    • Rectangular and circular patterns
    • Pattern on path
  • Pick and place features
    • Fillets, chamfers, holes
    • Editing pick and place features
  • Construction features
    • Construction planes, axes and points
  • Equations and parameters
  • Additional features
    • Thread
    • Press pull


  • Approach 1: Traditional distributed design
  • Approach 2: Top-down (multi-body)


  • Creating 2D drawings from a model or animation
  • Add dimensions, balloons and annotations
  • Creating a Bill of Materials (BOM)

Visualisations, rendered images and animations

  • Materials and appearances
  • Decals
  • Environments
  • Rendering
  • Rendering tips and tricks
  • Animations
  • Exploding assemblies


  • Example of real-world simulation


  • High-level discussion of possibilities

Importing CAD data

  • Importing other file types – documents, images, specifications
Live online training

Live online training

Online training lets you participate in a live Fusion 360 course from your place of work or home.

We do everything possible to make your online training experience as close as possible to actually being in the classroom. You can:

  • See and hear our trainer, and the other delegates participating in the course…
    Live online training - see your trainer and the other course delegates
  • Watch our trainer demonstrate techniques in Fusion 360.
  • Interact by speaking, using chat, or raising your ‘virtual hand’ if you need assistance.
  • Share your screen with our trainer, and allow them to take control to explain something.

Like our in-class courses, online Fusion 360 Essentials courses…

  • Are presented by Autodesk Certified Instructors.
  • Give you plenty of opportunity to carry out assisted, practical exercises using Fusion 360.
  • Offer 30 days’ email support from your trainer.

All you need is an Internet-connected computer with…

  • Fusion 360 installed. If you don’t have access to Fusion 360, we can usually send you a link to fully-functional trial software to download and install.
  • A webcam and audio capability. If your computer running Fusion 360 doesn’t have these, you can use a second device, such as another computer or tablet. See Hardware recommendations for live online training for further details.

If there’s anything you’re not sure about we’ll do our best to help you. We won’t be able to assist with your Fusion 360 installation, but we can provide details for Autodesk support who’ll be able to help you with this.

We provide everything else…

  • Links to download the files, resources, etc. you’ll use in your course.
  • A training guide. For most courses, you can choose from a printed copy that we post to you, or a PDF.

In the week before your course, we’ll send you an email containing everything you need to prepare for and participate in the training. Then, a couple of days before your course, we’ll give you a courtesy call to make sure you have everything in place and answer any questions you may have.

Please note that we are not able to record scheduled online courses for privacy reasons.

When you attend live online training, you’re participating in a real course, hosted by a real trainer, in real time


Discounts and bundles

Discounts and bundles

To make your Fusion 360 training as affordable as possible, we offer:

Fusion 360 CAM training bundle


for £895 + VAT (classroom-based) or £695 + VAT (live online training), saving £95 + VAT in both cases.

The bundle price will be applied automatically when you add these two courses to your basket.

Training discounts

Multiple places

If you book multiple places on any courses, we can offer you:

  • 10% discount if you book two places.
  • 15% discount if you book three or four places.
  • 20% discount if you book five or more places.

This can be for several people attending one course, one person attending several courses, or a combination.

These discounts are available for both classroom-based courses and live online training.


We offer a 10% discount on scheduled Fusion 360 course places to:

  • Students, teachers and lecturers.
  • People who work for a registered charity.
  • ISTC members.

These discounts are available for both classroom-based courses and remote training.

Please call us if you qualify for a discount. Evidence of your status that entitles you to a discount may be requested.

Terms and exclusions

Only one of the above discounts can be applied to any booking.

The above discounts are not available for on-request course bookings (one-to-one training or a ‘closed course’ for your group).

Price guarantee

When you book training with Armada, we want you to be certain that you’re not paying over-the-odds. So, if you book a place on any scheduled (public) course and then find the same course at a lower price elsewhere, we will match that price.

To qualify for the price match:

  • The course you find must be comparable. By this we mean it must:
    • Cover the same subject.
    • Be the same duration or longer.
    • Hold the same accreditations as our course, i.e. it must be provided by an Autodesk Authorised Training Centre (ATC).
    • For classroom-based courses, be in the same region, i.e. within 50 miles of our centre.
    • For online training, be a live course, i.e. not pre-prepared e-learning content.
  • The lower price must be advertised on the other company’s website.

To claim a price match, just call any time before attending your course and tell us where you saw the price.

Certification exams

Certification exams

Fusion 360 certification exams, leading to an industry-recognised credential, available to sit online.

Whether you’re a student or a professional, Fusion 360 Autodesk Certified User (ACU) status validates your skillset, accelerating career advancement and helping you stand out in a competitive job market.

Successful candidates receive:

  • An e-certificate (PDF) from Autodesk confirming your Fusion 360-certified status.
  • An official Autodesk-Certified badge that you can use to market your skills, e.g. on your business cards, in your email signature, on your website, etc.

To read more about the benefits of achieving Autodesk-certified status in Fusion 360, read Lyndsay Mann’s blog What benefits does Autodesk certification bring?

Fusion 360 online exams

Fusion 360 exams are sat online from your place of work or home.

To protect exam integrity, exam sittings are monitored by a proctor from Armada. Your Photo ID will be verified prior to your exam starting.

To sit an online exam, all you need is a computer (Windows or Mac) with:

  • A strong Internet connection (min. 5Mbps).
  • Screen resolution at least 1200 x 800.
  • Chrome browser.

You don’t need to have Fusion 360 installed – you’ll access Fusion 360 on a virtual computer during your exam. No webcam is required.

Autodesk Certified User (ACU) exam in Fusion 360

Fusion 360 ACU examEntry-level exam to validate your knowledge of fundamental concepts and procedures in Fusion 360.

  • Qualification: Autodesk Certified User in Fusion 360.
  • Length of exam: 50 minutes.
  • Recommended preparation: Attend Fusion 360 Essentials training, and have approximately 50 hours’ experience using the application.
  • Further details: download exam guide.

Practice test

A practice test is available that reflects the questions you’re likely to be asked in your Fusion 360 ACU exam. The practice test is taken online, from your place of work or home. The test has two modes:

  • Testing mode, which replicates your exam.
  • Training mode, which provides step-by-step help on questions.

The practice test can be retaken up to 30 times in a one-year period.

Practice tests are only available for purchase with an exam.


Fusion 360 ACU exam: £150 + VAT.
Discounted price available to Armada training delegates: £100 + VAT.

Fusion 360 ACU exam/practice test bundle: £200 + VAT.
Discounted price available to Armada training delegates: £130 + VAT.

Fusion 360 ACU exam retake: £75 + VAT.

When can I take my Fusion 360 exam?

You can take your exam in one of our regular exam sessions.

2022 exam sessions are scheduled to take place on 18 Aug (sold out), 22 Sep, 20 Oct, 15 Dec.

Exam sittings usually take place in the morning, at 10am. We confirm your exam time one week before your sitting.

Booking an exam and payment options

To book an exam, please email exams@armada.co.uk providing details of the exam you’d like to sit, or call 01527 834783.

Payment for AutoCAD exams can be made bank transfer or card.

We accept purchase orders from UK-registered companies and public sector organisations.

Q and A

  • What is the pass mark for Fusion 360 ACU certification exams?
    You will be notified of the pass mark prior to your exam starting.
  • When do I find out if I’ve passed?
    Immediately, when you complete your exam. You result is displayed on-screen.
  • What happens if I do not pass?
    You will receive a diagnostic score report that indicates areas for improvement. You may then retake the examination as needed. Should you need to retake an exam, simply re-book. Discounted prices are available for retakes.
  • Who can I contact if I have more questions?
    Email any questions you have to exams@armada.co.uk.

See also…

Exam Ts & Cs

See Exam Terms and conditions.


“The course has been brilliant. Thoroughly enjoyed the three days, although my brain is sore! Carl clearly knows his stuff and I will be insisting that my colleagues who will be doing the course in future, aim to have Carl as their trainer. ”

Matthew Lowe

“Great instructor, very patient ! learned so much

Ellie T-B

“Andy the Instructor was patient and extremely professional, this was a great experience for me.

Paul L-B

“Well run and paced course. Possibly a bit basic for users of other autodesk software but a good refresher for some features.

Mike Jones

“Really fantastic instructor. Very knowledgeable and able to convey knowledge clearly and concisely. Lunch order messed up a couple of times - bit of wasted time. Computers too slow for the job and also too delayed. Mouse jumpy and cheap.

Joe H

“Really good introduction, lots of good real world tips and advice. Thanks Carl.

Clive W

“Fantastic trainer, was very good communicator, very patient, very experienced. Looking forward to doing the CNC course. I was was nervous about the doing the course but no need as course worked like clockwork. Great support staff as well.

James T

“I learned so much within just 3 days of training. Carl was lovely and very helpful with every step of the training.

Thea M

“Great course and instructor, it's given me a good knowledge to start drawing.

Wayne T

“Great course, excellent instructor - made the learning enjoyable.

Kevin G

“ The course was very well planned with a very approachable tutor. Learnt so much and now will put all into practise

Kevin M

“ The course was very well planned with a very approachable tutor. Learnt so much and now will put all into practise

Kevin M

“Carl, our tutor, was exceptional and clearly explained in detail everything I needed to know. Getting stuck and asking questions isn't frowned upon and i believe that to be extremely valuable! Great Course!”

Sam D

“Absolutely amazing piece of software (despite the small limitations) and very knowledgeable teacher”

Edson M

“This course was absolutely fantastic! I have used Fusion for several years on and off but through self-teaching, got into bad habits and poor workflows which this course, and Carl specifically, has rectified. I've learned more here in three days than I have studying mechanical engineering at HNC level for a year. Carl has extensive industry knowledge that is invaluable to teaching a course like this and has been able to answer every single question thanks to his brilliant teaching skills. The training book is also an excellent resource to take home and I will be referring back to it many times going forward. The lunch options were also ten times better than any other course I've attended!”

Ben W

“Carl Portman is very knowledgeable and patient in explaining the techniques needed to progress the course. The content of the course has covered what I was hoping it would and will provide me with the skills I need in order to continue using Fusion 360 for my profession. Carl adapted the training to include extras that myself and other delegates asked for, in addition to the main course syllabus.”

Philip C

“Very happy with the course and how it was delivered.”

Myles J

“Great tutor who goes above and beyond with teaching and recommendations across Revit and AutoCAD. Would definitely recommend and use Armada if needed further software training.”

Michelle S

“Brilliant thank you, excellent paced course which made sure were confident in building from scratch. Certainly helped me overcome the confidence issues I had with using the software!”

Odette K

“Andy was both extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He was very patient and understanding, sharing his knowledge and experience with us all. The course gave a brilliant overview of the software, it's capabilities and how to navigate it throughout. The course progressed nicely, starting with the basics and slowly building up more complex methods. The course was good at teaching the most efficient and suitable ways to go about different areas.”

Ben Q

“Brilliant course, fantastic instructor, overall very happy with the course.”

Rachel C

“Fantastic and knowledgeable instructor who's probably forgotten more than i will know ive learned a lot and look forward to implementing it.”

Jordan R

“Brilliant course and instructor. I feel like I have earned a huge amount in just 3 days and I'm looking forward to practicing further and putting my new skills to use.”

Lyndsey M

“Carl was absolutely fantastic! He was so knowledgeable and explained Fusion 360 clearly and effectively. I would highly recommend this course. I really do feel like I have learnt a lot over the 3 days. Thank you Carl! ”

Kerry J

“Very good course with a large amount covered in detail. Very knowledgeable instructor who was very helpful and clear when delivering the course.”

Reece K

“Karl is excellent! Best trainer I have had in a long time, very knowledgeable and skilled. Grateful that he was the trainer as he has the ability to relate to any industry as he has so much experience. Very personable too and makes an effort to make it fun to learn.”

Abi C-T

“Really enjoyed the course, very helpful. I use Fusion a lot and found a lot of useful things from the course that I didn't know Fusion could do.”

Ben M

“Carl and Carmen were friendly, engaging and very knowledgeable. ”

Josh B

“Exceptionally well delivered course by Carl. First training course I've attended and he made it even more informative/enjoyable. Would highly recommend.”

Andrew H

“Carl was great and very understanding when I got into difficulty but he needs a bloody good hair cut.”

Christopher A

“Great course. I really enjoyed the course, and definitely learned loads about using Fusion 360 for a wide range of tasks. The trainer (Carl) was excellent. His great real-life experience in engineering and design really shines through, combined with a great personality for this type of course. ”

Kerr S

“The course was very informative, I have learned a lot over the 3 days I was on the course. 10/10. Thank you Carl! ”

Daniel M

“I felt I learnt a lot from the course, I started from zero knowledge but now feel I have a good base to start from. Carl struck a great balance between humor, information and pace. At times people would fall behind but Carl was sure to wait for everyone and was very patient. I have really enjoyed the course and felt that 3 days was the right amount of time. ”

Sam D

“Excellent course, Carl very knowledgeable and helpful. Some good skills taught and most examples pretty practical. Slightly concerned about link between formal documentation and practical application which I need to look through, as still need to be able to recall material covered to be beneficial. ”

Jay B

“The course was excellent and Carl made everything so easy and a pleasure. His enthusiasm was infectious.”

Steve P

“Enjoyable course with Carl, he knows his stuff, a very knowledgeable guy and explains fully how and why to do things. It's going to help me immensely in my role.”

Malcolm D

“Course was very professional and clear to understand”

Neil T

“Extremely good course instructor very helpful and polite.”

Alex Y

“Excellent Intructor great to have personable and improvised and bespoke model examples to work on rather than all standard. Very enjoyable and informative course, thanks.”

Iain S

“The trainer was fantastic and ran a great course, I learned a huge amount and he was an extremely good teacher.”

Anthony M

“Carl was fantastic and ran a great course, I learned a huge amount and he was an extremely good teacher.”

Anthony M

“Very happy with the course. Carl was great and very helpful with all aspects of Fusion and adapting it to our work.”

Joseph H

“Good course, very informative and Carl P is an excellent teacher.”

Jonathan W

“Good course, good trainer who gave good real world advice based on his experience.”

Jeremy D

“Great course, well paced, tutor has enough time to go into helping with individual questions.”

Stephen J

“Carl was very good to learn from and has a very positive attitude towards design and traditional methods”

Michael R

“Very good hands-on use of Fusion 360 for a range of design tasks relevant to manufacturing.”

Christopher L

“Very pleased with Armada training and the course Instructor”

Tim R

“Covering the fundamentals of the software has been key to a proper understanding of the Fusion 360 software. It has been immensely helpful and will push the use of Fusion 360 in my work.”

Josh L

“Excellent course, lecturer was very good at taking us through the drawings step by step.”

Paul B

“Fantastic bespoke training, Pete really knows his stuff on Fusion and is able to respond to my quick requests for individual queries on all areas of the software.”

Paul D