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Autodesk 3ds Max is used in a wide range of industries. Architects, interior designers and engineers use 3ds Max to produce comprehensive 3D models and visualisations. The gaming, film and television industries use the application to produce stunning 3D animations.

Armada offers 3ds Max training courses to users at all levels at our venues in Birmingham/Bromsgrove, Reading, Milton Keynes and Sheffield.

For newcomers to 3ds Max we offer:

Introductory Autodesk 3ds Max training training for beginners3ds Max Essentials training

For existing 3ds Max users we can provide:

Advanced 3ds Max trainingAdvanced 3ds Max Production Pipeline training

3ds Max tailored trainingBespoke 3ds Max training, tailored to your specific requirements.

3ds Max courses are hosted by an Autodesk Certified Instructor who is a CGI expert and has been providing 3ds Max training to industry for over 20 years.

For further details, see:

General course information

3ds Max professional certification

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3ds Max Essentials training - introductory-level course (3 days)

Teaches the key functionality, features and principles behind 3ds Max, and the key theory and techniques that you need to use the application effectively.

Delegates learn how to:

Configure and render scenes.

Create and edit 3D geometry.

Understand and apply lighting and materials for realism.

Create desktop animations.

The course includes a session looking at the most popular renderers used with 3ds Max, including ART, Arnold, V-Ray and mental ray, to help you ascertain the one that best meets your needs.

This course is ideal for new users of 3ds Max from all industries, including:

3ds Max training for architects, designers and engineers.Architects, interior designers and engineers.

3ds Max training for game developersGame developers.

3ds Max training for artists and animatorsArtists and animators who produce film and video content.

Where possible, delegates carry out exercises relevant to their industry.

Scheduled (public) courses

Birmingham/Bromsgrove course dates:  

Reading course dates:  

Milton Keynes course dates:  

Sheffield course dates:  

Course times: 9.30am-4.30pm.

Course fee: £ + VAT. Recently reduced from £645 + VAT.

3ds Max version: Training is based primarily on 3ds Max . The techniques taught are relevant to all recent versions of 3ds Max.

Training guide and certificate: Course delegates receive a comprehensive training guide for 3ds Max, and an e-certificate confirming successful completion of an accredited 3ds Max training course. This is emailed to delegates directly from Autodesk. Click here to see an example of the certificate you receive.

Prerequisites: Delegates should have a working knowledge of Windows®. Experience using an Autodesk application, such as AutoCAD or Revit, is beneficial but not essential.

On-request training

3ds Max Essentials training is available on-request, i.e. one-to-one training or a course for your group, at one of our venues in Bromsgrove, Reading, Milton Keynes or Sheffield, or yours anywhere in the UK.

Advanced 3ds Max Production Pipeline training (5 days)

This intensive course teaches advanced 3ds Max skills you need to meet the needs of next-generation production pipelines. On completion, you will be able to:

Manage complex data.

Build environments for games and visualisations.

Create characters and vehicles.

Master advanced tools specific used in production pipelines.

Delegates should be familiar with the fundamentals of 3ds Max, i.e. have attended Autodesk 3ds Max Essentials training or have equivalent knowledge.

Delegates receive a comprehensive training guide for 3ds Max, and an e-certificate confirming successful completion of an accredited 3ds Max training course. This is emailed to delegates directly from Autodesk. Click here to see an example of the certificate you receive.

Advanced 3ds Max training is available on-request only, i.e. one-to-one or a course for your group, at one of our centres or your venue anywhere in the UK. Training can be based on any recent version of 3ds Max. Scheduled (public) courses are not available.

Bespoke 3ds Max training

Taking into account your existing knowledge, we can provide training that is tailored to the specific work you want to carry out and results you want to achieve.

In the first instance we will arrange for you to have a conversation with our 3ds Max trainer; he will recommend the training you require and we will provide a quote for this.

General course information

Method of delivery

3ds Max training combines lecture, demonstration and hands-on practice. Delegates have ample opportunity to discuss their specific requirements with the trainer.

Accredited 3ds Max training

Armada is an Autodesk authorised Training Centre (ATC), and our 3ds Max training courses are accredited by Autodesk.

Expert trainers

Our 3ds Max trainers are Autodesk Certified Instructors with vast experience of using 3ds Max in industry.

After course support

Following 3ds Max training, delegates are entitled to 30 days' email support from their 3ds Max trainer to help with any post-course issues.


Payment for 3ds Max training can be made bank transfer or card. View training course payment options.


See Accommodation local to Armada training centres.


If a company or delegate cancels a 3ds Max training course booking giving less than 10 working days' notice, a cancellation fee is payable. View cancellation terms.

3ds Max professional certification

Armada's Bromsgrove venue is an Autodesk Certification Centre. We offer professional certification exams which, if passed, provide you with an industry-recognised credential in 3ds Max, enhancing your credibility and professional development. For further details, see Autodesk professional certification.

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